Important Things to Know About Avanafil



Avanafil is the medicine that is most often recommended to treat impotence. It basically relaxes the muscles of the body so that blood can flow more freely. There are times when blood is constricted because the muscles are too rigid. In addition to impotence, there may be other health conditions treated with this drug.

What is Avanafil or Stendra Prescribed For?

Aside from impotence, the health condition that can be treated with Avanafil or Stendra is Erectile Dysfunction - For those who do not know, Erectile Dysfunction is the condition where man cannot maintain a hard sexual organ during intercourse. It is the inability of the penis and even the muscles around the penis to have an increased blood flow. There are times when a medication is prescribed to help combat impotence although it may need to be coupled with other medications and treatments in order for it to work as needed.

Important Facts about Avanafil

You should remember that getting a prescription is always important if you want to use Avanafil appropriately. Some people think they can take it without being advised on the dosage level needed every day.

There are some medications that you cannot take with Avanafil as they can cause some bad side effects if taken together. Sometimes Avanafil can cause blood pressure to drop.

Some health conditions will not allow you to take this drug because of the other drugs that you need to take or because it would make your condition more dangerous. There have been reports of people suffering from serious side effects because they are not well informed of the drugs that should not be mixed with Avanafil.

Some people automatically think that since Stendra is a drug that is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction, it can also help protect against STDs. This is not true. You still need to practice safe sex in order to be sure that you do not contract any sexually transmitted disease.

You can buy Avanafil online, but remember to check how legitimate the website is before you purchase anything.

How to Take Avanafil

Some people tend to get confused about how to take this drug because they did not ask their medical doctor. You should remember that Avanafil only needs to be taken once a day. If you take too much of it in one day, it can cause serious side effects that you will not like at all. Most of the time, it only taken as needed, and it should be taken at least 20 minutes before sexual intercourse. If you take too much in one day, take note of the side effects and inform your doctor immediately. You will probably be advised to seek medical treatment immediately.

The most common side effect of taking too much of this drug is the erection lasts longer than usual. There are even times when the erection can last for more than 3 hours, and it can be very painful as well. Most men cannot move or function properly when this happens. There are also rare cases when men can go deaf for period of time. This usually does not last long, and sight and hearing usually revert back to normal eventually.

Swelling may also be a common side effect of Avanafil especially if the body has a bad reaction to some of the components of the drug. This is the reason why it is always important to talk to your doctor about the issue so that situations like this can be avoided. Aside from these serious side effects, Avanafil can also cause stomach problems such as diarrhea or constipation, and sometimes it can cause back pain. Just inform your doctor about any side effects you might be experiencing.

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